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Former Vice-President Tin Aung Myint Oo
Date of Birth:
29 May 1950
On 3 May 2012, Tin Aung Myint Oo resigned as Burma’s Vice-President. According to some reports, Tin Aung Myint Oo resigned due to health reasons following a trip to Singapore to seek medical treatment for throat cancer. The regime officially announced Tin Aung Myint Oo’s resignation on 4 July 2012. The resignation took effect on 1 July.

Tin Aung Myint Oo was nominated by the military-appointed MPs as Vice-President and elected on 3 February 2011. He was elected to the People’s Assembly in Naypyidaw’s Pobbathiri Township. Former SPDC fifth-in-command, Tin Aung Myint Oo was known to be foul-mouthed, abrasive, and considered a hardliner.

In 1988, Tin Aung Myint Oo rose to prominence for his combat against Communist rebels in Eastern Shan State, which earned him the honorific title “Thiha Thura.” During the 1990s he quickly rose through the military ranks as a protégé of junta’s Vice Sr Gen Maung Aye. In 1990, he served as Commanding Officer of the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 111 based in Sagaing Division until his appointment as Commander of Tactical Operations Command (TOC) in 1992. In 1994, he was promoted to Brig Gen of Military Operations Command-1 (MOC-1) based in Kyaukme, Northern Shan State. He was appointed SPDC Army Quartermaster General in 2002.

In October 2007, he was promoted to Secretary-1 of the SPDC, replacing Gen Thein Sein who had just been appointed Prime Minister. According to military sources, there was a rivalry between Tin Aung Myint Oo and Thein Sein, whom he considered a weak candidate for the position of PM. In March 2009, Tin Aung Myint Oo was promoted to the rank of General. Following his promotion, he became more influential among regional military commanders and the commanders of the Bureau of Special Operations (BSOs). He reportedly used his military power and position as Secretary-1 to undermine PM Thein Sein’s authority, by not allotting any of the military’s budget to projects run by Thein Sein. This led many Ministers to say that the Secretary-1 had taken over the PM’s power.

Tin Aung Myint Oo also served as Chairman of the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC), the military’s economic arm. He was reputed to be extremely wealthy and corrupt, having used his position as head of the Myanmar Trade Council to enrich himself, his family business, and business allies.

He was considered loyal to Sr Gen Than Shwe and Vice Sr Gen Maung Aye. According to military observers, Tin Aung Myint Oo was part of Than Shwe’s divide and rule strategy - also including former SPDC Generals Shwe Mann and Aung Thaung - to create three rival factions within the military. He was on the April 2011 EU blacklist.

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