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“Burma - Women’s Voices for Peace” is the 7th edition of the Women’s Voices series, a collection of stories and poems written by women of Burma about their experiences as refugees, human rights activists, migrant workers, and political prisoners.

This edition includes a story of a female political prisoner inside her jail cell, one woman’s trek through heavily mined areas to provide training on women’s health, and other stories of struggle with domestic violence, displacement, and life in Burma under military oppression. Also featured are two stories of Rohingya women who were persecuted by the Burma military regime and forced to leave their villages.

"All of the stories hold an undeniable power imbued with the bravery, honesty and the extraordinary spirit of survival that lies within the heart of each storyteller. The stories also give testimony to the powerful spirit of human beings in maintaining their right to voice an opinion that might go against the grain of the powers that be. It is my heart-felt wish that their hopes for a peaceful future will finally be realized in the near future." - Excerpt from Introduction by Janie Conway-Herron, senior lecturer in creative writing at Southern Cross University in Australia and facilitator of the Women Writers Workshops on the Thai-Burma border.