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The fifth installment in the “Burma- Women’s Voices” series is both a clear call for freedom in Burma and a condemnation of the activities of the brutal Burma military regime.

This book is a collection of writings from diverse women activists from Burma, including refugees, exiles and women inside Burma.

Stories Include:
• “Pride of Flowers” – an eyewitness account of the 30 May, 2003 Depayin Massacre.
• “Resisting Repatriation” – the story of a Rohingya refugee woman’s determination to resist being forced to repatriate from the refugee camps of Bangladesh to Burma.
• “Inside Insein”- Elected MP Daw San San shares her experience of being a political prisoner inside Burma’s most notorious prison.
• “My Destiny” and “Together With It” – the stories of two women and the impact that being HIV positive has had on their lives.

I hope that these simple stories from the heart will help increase understanding of our situation, our ideas and our aspirations. All of us may come from different ages, different ethnic nationalities, different religions and different parts of Burma. We may have different ideas and opinions, but our hearts are united in our hopes for freedom for ourselves and our communities.” - Excerpt from Introduction by Nang Charm Tong- well known Burma activist and Reebok Human Rights Award winner.