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Burma’s Drug Eradication Efforts

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“A Failing Grade – Burma’s Drug Eradication Efforts” is an extensively researched monograph that documents drug production in Burma and drug smuggling from Burma and its impact on the region.


• Burma remains the world’s largest producer of illegal narcotics after Afghanistan.

• The SPDC military has had a long and deep involvement with major narcotics producing and trafficking syndicates.

• While there has been a decrease in the production of opium-based narcotics, this has been offset by a dramatic rise in the production of amphetamine type stimulants (ATS).

• Burma has been designated a country of primary money laundering concern and all of its financial institutions have been cut off from the United States system due to deep involvement in drug profits.

• Changes to the drug trade in Burma have increasingly affected regional countries that have experienced greater drug consumption, adverse health effects and social disorder.

• SPDC drug eradication projects emphasize the achievement of ‘drug free’ deadlines for communities and townships. Eradication projects often forcibly relocate communities to lower land but fail to provide them with alternative livelihoods and new infrastructure.