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Burma’s economy: Mismanagement as usual
November 2011 - Pdf, Word
Contrary to the regime’s rhetoric of substantial economic reform, the Burmese economy remains hostage to the same oppressive and misguided economic policies that have stunted its development for decades. Read More....
Will ASEAN fail to confront the SPDC, again?
October 2009 - Pdf, Word
With its new Charter, ASEAN now has the necessary tools to insist on democratic reform and national reconciliation in Burma. However, since the 14th ASEAN Summit in February 2009, the SPDC’s relations with ASEAN and the international community soured over the conviction of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Read More....
Burmese uprising redux
August 2009 - Pdf, Word
August 8 marks the anniversary of the 1988 nationwide popular uprising against Burma’s military regime. The 1988 uprising represents the Burmese people’s ongoing struggle against the regime’s protracted economic mismanagement and political oppression. Read More....
SPDC’s 2010 elections: Upheaval in the making
May 2009 - Pdf, Word
The SPDC preparations to ensure full control over the 2010 election is fueling instability, with consequences that will exacerbate cross-border economic and security issues already adversely affecting the region. Read More....
Burma Issues & Concerns Vol. 5: Burma Defiles the ASEAN Charter
December 2008 - Pdf, Word, Print
In the year following ASEAN’s member states signing the Charter on 20 November 2007, Burma’s military regime has openly trampled on the values and rights enumerated in the document. The briefer summarizes the military regime’s actions in the year since it signed the Charter. Read More....
Burma at 60: Time for change!
December 2007 - Pdf, Word

The brief socio-economic overview of Burma’s past 60 years presents the grim realization that the past two years have witnessed a sharp decline in Burma on all fronts. Read more…

ASEAN should stop passing the buck on Burma
October 2007 - Pdf, Word
The briefer asserts that ASEAN countries must exercise their substantial influence on Burma’s military leaders to secure the delivery of genuine political and economic reforms, instead of using China as an excuse for inaction. Read more...
Fuel price hikes inflame Burmese people
September 2007 - Pdf, Word
On August 15, the SPDC increased fuel prices by up to 500% overnight, affecting the cost of essential commodities and transport. Burmese people from all walks of life participated in nationwide protests. Read more...
Call For FATF To Maintain Burma’s NCCT Status
May 2005 - Pdf, Word
Despite the regime’s recent showcase closing of two banks, the SPDC has not taken significant action against money laundering. The SPDC’s approach to money laundering remains sub-par and a threat to regional economies and global efforts to combat money laundering. Read More...
Ready, aim, sanction!
November 2003 - Pdf
This report examines existing sanctions and their direct and indirect impacts as well as explores a wide-range of possible sanctions. Existing sanctions should be tightened and a new round of direct-impacting
sanctions needs to be implemented.

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