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Eastern Burma: 118,800 displaced in 18 months
February 2010 - Pdf, Word
Between July 2008 and December 2009, SPDC military operations displaced at least 118, 800 people in Eastern Burma, including 43,800 refugees and 75,000 internally displaced persons. The number of displaced people by the SPDC is likely to grow even more as the SPDC prepares for its elections later this year. Read More...
Will ASEAN fail to confront the SPDC, again?
October 2009 - Pdf, Word
With its new Charter, ASEAN now has the necessary tools to insist on democratic reform and national reconciliation in Burma. However, since the 14th ASEAN Summit in February 2009, the SPDC’s relations with ASEAN and the international community soured over the conviction of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Read More...
Rohingya, asylum seekers & migrants from Burma: A human security priority for ASEAN
January 2009 - Pdf, Word
Since October 2006, about 10,000 Rohingya have boarded boats in Bangladesh and Burma and headed for Thailand and Malaysia. The thousands of Rohingya boat people are only the tip of the iceberg. Millions of Burmese have fled the country in the past decade, with two million in Thailand alone. Read More...
Burma Issues & Concerns Vol. 5: Burma Defiles the ASEAN Charter
December 2008 - Pdf, Word, Print
In the year following ASEAN’s member states signing the Charter on 20 November 2007, Burma’s military regime has openly trampled on the values and rights enumerated in the document. The briefer summarizes the military regime’s actions in the year since it signed the Charter. Read More....
Burma Issues & Concerns Vol. 4: The Security Dimensions
April 2007 - Pdf, Word, Print
Why is Burma's military regime at threat to regional security and stability? Why should the UN Security Council and ASEAN act on Burma? Why should the SPDC's human rights violations and misrule be a regional and global security issue? Read More....
Rohingya and Muslims in Arakan State: slow-burning genocide
August 2006 - Pdf, Word
The briefer highlights the continuing persecution and discrimination of Rohingya and Muslim in Burma and the denial of basic protection and fundamental rights in neighboring countries. Read More...

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