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Burma’s Parliament: Fundamental reforms still blocked
September 2012 - Pdf, Word
From 4 July to 7 September, Burma’s Parliament held its fourth session. Despite efforts by some opposition MPs, regime officials and USDP MPs continued to block fundamental legislative reforms, including the repeal of existing oppressive laws and the adoption of progressive legislation. Read more....
Burma’s by-elections: Still short of international standards
March 2012 - Pdf, Word
On 1 April, more than six million Burmese are eligible to go to the polls to elect less than 7% of the total number of seats in the National Parliament. While the by-elections have limited political significance, they are important because they are being championed as an indicator of progress by the international community after the sham 2010 polls. Read more....
Burma’s Parliament - A tool for institutionalized oppression
November 2011 - Pdf, Word
Despite the regime’s claim that an elected legislature was a crucial step towards the emergence of its “discipline-flourishing democracy,” the Parliament is turning out to be the regime’s key tool for institutionalizing oppression. Read more....
100 days of Burma’s Parliament: Strengthening the status quo
May 2011 - Pdf, Word
The 11th of May marks one hundred days since the convening of Burma’s Parliament on 31 January. The laws governing the proceedings of the first parliamentary session in 22 years gagged MPs and restrict civilian access to the Parliament. Read more....
Burma 2011: Still a military dictatorship
March 2011 - Pdf, Word
Despite the convening of the newly elected Parliament, Burma’s ‘democratically-elected’ regime is nothing more than a disguised version of the military dictatorship that has ruled Burma for the past five decades. Read more....
Burma Issues & Concerns Vol. 6: The 2010 generals’ election
January 2011 - Pdf, Print
On 31 January, Burma’s military regime convened a puppet Parliament amid a shroud of secrecy and repression that will likely cause more human suffering and instability in the country and the region. The Parliament is the outcome of an oppressive constitution and an election marred with irregularities, intimidation, and fraud. Read more....
Burma 2010 election recap
November 2010 - Pdf, Word
Widespread evidence of electoral fraud, irregularities, threats, harassment, and lack of independent monitoring characterized Election Day and the days leading up to it. The election process was met by widespread condemnation inside and outside Burma, with the significant exception of ASEAN and China. Read more....
Quotable Daw Suu
November 2010 - Pdf, Word
After her release from seven years under house arrest, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has spoken on a wide range of issues concerning the past, present, and future of Burma. Read more....
Burma’s 2010 elections: The story so far
October 2010 - Pdf, Word
This briefer shows that despite the SPDC’s repeated pledges for “free and fair” elections, indicators for election monitoring based on EU, UN, and OSCE guidelines point to the contrary. Read more....
SPDC election laws strangle democracy
July 2010 - Pdf, Word
Despite the SPDC’s repeated pledges for “free and fair” elections, the junta’s legal framework for the polls, including five laws issued in March and Directive 2/2010 issued in June, is repressive and undemocratic. Read more....
SPDC election laws set the stage for sham elections
April 2010 - Pdf
This briefer, written in conjunction with FIDH, gives an update on the electoral process in Burma in light of the release of the SPDC’s repressive election laws. Read more....
2010 elections: A recipe for continued conflict
October 2009 - Pdf, Word
The SPDC’s proposed 2010 elections, the first step in activating the 2008 constitution, will have disastrous impacts on Burma and the region. Read more....
Will ASEAN fail to confront the SPDC, again?
October 2009 - Pdf, Word
With its new Charter, ASEAN now has the necessary tools to insist on democratic reform and national reconciliation in Burma. However, since the 14th ASEAN Summit in February 2009, the SPDC’s relations with ASEAN and the international community soured over the conviction of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Read more....
Guilty as planned
October 2009 - Pdf, Word
The SPDC’s sentence that extended Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest for another 18 months further demonstrates the military regime's ambitions to silence Burma’s greatest hope for peace and national reconciliation. Read more....
Burmese uprising redux
August 2009 - Pdf, Word
August 8 marks the anniversary of the 1988 nationwide popular uprising against Burma’s military regime. The 1988 uprising represents the Burmese people’s ongoing struggle against the regime’s protracted economic mismanagement and political oppression. Read more....
SPDC’s 2010 elections: Upheaval in the making
May 2009 - Pdf, Word
The SPDC preparations to ensure full control over the 2010 election is fueling instability, with consequences that will exacerbate cross-border economic and security issues already adversely affecting the region. Read more....
Burma Issues & Concerns Vol. 5: Burma Defiles the ASEAN Charter
December 2008 - Pdf, Word, Print
In the year following ASEAN’s member states signing the Charter on 20 November 2007, Burma’s military regime has openly trampled on the values and rights enumerated in the document. The briefer summarizes the military regime’s actions in the year since it signed the Charter. Read more....
13 years is too long: Free Daw Suu now
October 2008 - Pdf, Word
On 24 October, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will mark her 13th year in detention. Yet, she remains committed to a peaceful, political solution that is needed now more than ever for the people of Burma. Read more…
Saffron Revolution a year later: It’s not over
September 2008 - Pdf, Word
On 26 September, one year will have passed since Burma’s military regime began its bloody crackdown on the Saffron Revolution. Read more…
August 8, 2008: What can the world do?
August 2008 - Pdf, Word
Twenty years after the 8888 national uprising, the international community must realize that unconditional engagement, discreet diplomacy, and ASEAN’s so-called constructive engagement has failed. Read more…
We won’t forget, we won’t give up!
August 2008 - Pdf
Includes: August 8, 1988; The spirit of 88 is alive & strong; 20 years after 8888; 20 years of misspent wealth; Rampant inflation; Multiple exchange rates; Getting hungrier; Disastrous health; Killing the children; Political prisoners; Forced labor; Drugs; World’s longest running war; Refugees; What you can do. Read more…
Burma 20 years on: Hungry as ever for democracy
August 2008 - Pdf, Word
Twenty years after brutally suppressing the inspiring 8888 uprising, Burma’s military regime, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) has run the country’s infrastructure into the ground and squandered its natural resources. Instead of investing in the development of Burma, the regime has focused national resources almost entirely on the military, doubling the size of the army and undertaking a spending spree on weapons. Read more…
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi: needed now more than ever
June 2008 - Pdf, Word
19 June marks the 63rd birthday of Burma’s pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the 4,619th day of her detention. On 6 June, the SPDC indicated that Daw Suu could be detained up to 27 November 2009 under existing law. Read more…
The SPDC constitutional referendum: A dead end for democracy in Burma
May 2008 - Pdf, Word
On 10 May 2008, the people of Burma will vote in an SPDC-manipulated referendum on a draft constitution that is designed to entrench military rule. The likely consequences of a forced “Yes” vote or a majority “No” vote will have serious regional repercussions. Read more…
Time for ASEAN to bite the bullet
November 2007 - Pdf, Word
The briefer urges ASEAN and its dialogue partners to throw their weight behind a genuine reform process that is based on tripartite cooperation between the military regime, the National League for Democracy, and ethnic groups. Read more…
Saffron Revolution: Update
October 2007 - Pdf, Word
In the "Saffron Revolution," tens of thousands of Buddhist monks led massive anti-junta demonstrations. It was the largest show of peaceful protests against the military regime since 1988. Read more...
Face off in Burma: Monks vs SPDC
September 2007 - Pdf, Word
Between 18 and 24 September, tens of thousands of Buddhist monks led massive anti-junta demonstrations across most of Burma’s States and Divisions. In the largest show of peaceful protests against the military regime since 1988, thousands of Burmese civilians joined the rallies. Read more...
Fuel price hikes inflame Burmese people
September 2007 - Pdf, Word
On August 15, the SPDC increased fuel prices by up to 500% overnight, affecting the cost of essential commodities and transport. Burmese people from all walks of life participated in nationwide protests. Read more...
8888 Spirit Still Strong as Junta Weakens
August 2007 - Pdf, Word
Even 19 years after Burma’s national uprising, the spirit and goals of the 8888 movement remain relevant and alive through the peaceful resistance of diverse people. Read more....
National Convention: roadmap to instability
July 2007 - Pdf, Word
The National Convention remains a fundamentally flawed and inherently illegitimate process aimed at formalizing and prolonging military rule in Burma. The results will intensify the root causes of the ethnic-based conflicts perpetuated by Burma’s successive military regimes. Read more....
She must be free
June 2007 - Pdf, Word
On 27 May 2007, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s latest term of house arrest came up for review. The briefer documents Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s life, important quotes, and the numerous awards conferred on her. Read more....
The Spirit of 8888 lives on
August 2006 - Pdf, Word
The briefer honors the courageous non-violent actions of ordinary people and political leaders who have stood up for human rights and democracy in Burma. Read more...
National Convention - The SPDC Delusion Of Democratic Reform
February 2006 - Pdf, Word
The National Convention process continues to be illegitimate, unrepresentative, and an exercise in futility. The briefer examines the December 2005 – January 2006 convening of the ongoing SPDC National Convention. Read more...
February 2005 - Pdf, Word

On 17 February 2005, Burma’s ongoing National Convention was scheduled to reconvene. The briefer examines the National Convention including information on structure, process, reasons why it is illegitimate, democratic alternatives, and international responses. Read more...

On the road to democracy?
February 2004 - Pdf, Word
On 30 August 2003, in the wake of intensified international pressure against the Burmese military regime, newly appointed Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt unveiled a 7-point ‘road map’ to democracy. Read more...

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