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About Us

ALTSEAN-Burma (Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma) is a network of organizations and individuals based in ASEAN member states working to support the movement for human rights and democracy in Burma. The network is comprised of human rights & social justice NGOs, political parties, think tanks, academics, journalists and student activists. We were formed at the conclusion of the Alternative ASEAN Meeting on Burma held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, in October 1996.

We are committed to a free and democratic Burma where all the people enjoy human rights in accordance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are dedicated to the creation of a society of empowered individuals and communities in charge of their own destiny.
This can be realized through genuine national reconciliation, regional cooperation and mutual respect.

We are a regional network engaged in advocacy, campaigns and capacity building to establish a free and democratic Burma.

We work with the democracy movement and its supporters to produce resources and create opportunities for:
• Building and strengthening strategic relationships among key networks and organisations from Burma, ASEAN and the international community.
• Implementing innovative strategies that are responsive to emerging needs and urgent developments.
• Inspiring and building confidence for empowerment among activists, particularly women, youth and all ethnic groups of Burma.

Adherence to the fundamental principles of human rights guides all our actions. In striving for a free and democratic Burma we are committed to:

• Reform through non-violent means.
• Non-discrimination, particularly with regard to gender equality and ethnic diversity.
• Idealism in thought and realism in action.
We believe in the importance of education for the purposes of empowerment, especially for women.
We value creativity, innovation and adaptability in achieving our goals.

Contributing to efforts to achieve democratic transition in Burma.

• Advancing ASEAN reforms that will uphold democracy and human rights amongst members, particularly Burma.
• Contributing to a more effective regional Burma movement.
• Supporting meaningful participation of women and youth from Burma in the movement.
• Enhancing capacity-building programs to address the human resources and strategic needs of Burmese organizations.
• Promoting mutually reinforcing advocacy messages and strategies by the Burma movement.
• Consolidating and strengthening the effectiveness of the secretariat.
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Phone : +66 81 850 9008
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ALTSEAN partners
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